Deferred Payments

Deferred Payments

Buy With Us Now,  Pay Later When You Are Ready.

Need Marketing MAterials now?

Make Your Next Purchase With A Deferred Payment.

What is A Deferred Payment?

A deferred payment is similar to a commision advance where a realtor can sell a portion of their commission to access funds early.

IS there any fees?

If the payment is not repaid within 30 days of the original disbursement that end the sale remains active, then the broker shall pay fees based on the chart below.

Can ANyone USe Deferred PAyment?

Currently, only R1 agents have access to this program. If enough interest is shown from other brokers, we might open the program to other brokers.

At the R1 Marketplace, we understand the costs and expenses associated with becoming a real estate agent and broker. With deferred payments, you can purchase any materials or services you need, then pay it off later!

We make it easy for all R1 real estate agents and brokers to get access to the supplies they need.  Just select the deferred payment option at checkout.

Get Automatically Qualified For 500$ Of Credit For Being An R1 Broker And Agent.

Yes, that is right! Just being with R1 gives you access to 500$ worth of pre-qualified credit. The 500$ worth of credit can be used for anything on our website such as real estate signs, inspection services, and much more!

R1 fixed fees are based on the number of days from advance to closing date.

0 – 30 Days

Your fixed fee will be 5%.

31 – 45 Days

Your fixed fee will be 8%.

46 – 60 Days

Your fixed fee will be 9%.

61 – 75 Days

Your fixed fee will be 11%.

76 – 90 DAYS

Your fixed fee will be 12%.

91 – 120 Days

Your fixed fee will be 16%.

120 Days – Above

Your fixed fee will be an additional 2% per month.